Weight Loss!

We now have all of your weight loss options available at our facility.  We treat each person individually and consider what would provide you with the optimal outcome.  We utilize everything from:

  • GLP-1 therapies (semaglutide and tirzepatide)
  • B-12 injections
  • Liquid Lipo injections
  • Vitamin D injections
  • Lab work
  • Prescription services (Adipex, Phentermine)
  • Onsite discounts to obtain Contrave weight loss tablets.

In addition to all of these services, we also have a full scale counseling option for those who need bi-weekly accountability in the office.  And unlike other facilities, we are a full scale medical practice and offer lab work, EKGs, Urinalysis and the ability to diagnose and treat most conditions.   Additionally, we have a long history of clinical research into weight loss therapies to add to our unmatched wealth of knowledge.   Contact us today for your personalized care at the information below…

TLM Medical Services, LLC
2701 Middleburg Drive
Columbia, SC 29204
(803) 376-8875

We are an affiliate of MDVIP to offer state of the art personalized healthcare to you and your family.  Visit www.MDVIP/DrConigliaroJones.com for more details.